Delivery Information

How does delivery work?

As soon as your order is ready to be delivered, you will be notified by one of our friendly team members who will also provide you detailed information for your delivery to your location.For Sydney Deliveries (within 30km Radius from showroom) we deliver on a weekly basis with approximate time frames provided the day before delivery. Feel free to contact our team for more information.

What if i'm not in Sydney?

Strictly Comfort is an all Sydney based company. For this reason, deliveries outside of our 30km radius will require more time to transport purchased goods to your location. Our Long Distance/ Interstate Delivery team generally require an extra 2-3 weeks for delivery preparation and travel time. All deliveries must be within Australia

My order needs to go upstairs.

We can certainly let the delivery team know that your purchased goods require to go upstairs. At the point of purchase, be sure to inform your sales person the delivery access (eg: stairs, tight turns or any other difficulty our delivery team may experience) so that we can correctly provide you the delivery information and the cost to proceed. We may also require photos of the delivery access to ensure delivery team are prepared for a safe, and smooth delivery. If our team are notified at last minute, we may need to reschedule your delivery for WH&S reasons and additional fees may apply.

How do I know if my purchased goods will fit into my home?

We highly encourage you to speak to our team regarding your order and if it will or will not fit prior to purchasing. Even if you are certain it will fit, still have a chat to our team just to be safe; We are here to help! If there are any concerns, our team may request for photos and dimensions of the access in order to provide the best guidance to deliver your order.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient, clear and safe access available to deliver purchased goods - we do not accept returns if your order can not successfully be delivered.

What if my order does not fit?

Delivery team are required to safely deliver your order in good condition. If they feel that either them or your order is at risk, they may cease delivery. If your order does not fit, our delivery team will either (a) leave the items in an alternative location onsite, or (b) return the goods back to Strictly Comfort Warehouse (re-delivery fee applies).

We can then arrange for the goods to be delivered to a different address (re-delivery fee applies), or customer can organise their own delivery company to deliver the goods.

Do you take away or move my existing furniture?

Whilst this is not a typical service that we provide, you are welcome to contact our team and we can certainly point you in the right direction. Strictly Comfort is a locally owned small business using reliable third party delivery companies. Our delivery teams are contracted with us to solely deliver purchased goods inside your home.

What if im not ready to receive my order, and its ready for delivery?

We can certainly hold your order for you, this is no problem at all. We can store your order for the first 2 weeks free of charge. However after this period, we will need to charge a holding fee of $15 a week for the duration you require us to hold onto your order. You are welcome to contact our team for further information.

Can I organise my own delivery?

Of course you can! In no way are you locked in to using our delivery team. Whether you are down the road, or in another state; you can certainly use your own delivery team to collect your purchased goods. Please speak to our team and we can assist you and your delivery team for a safe and smooth collection.

Can I pick up my item?

Of course! You are more than welcome to collect your order from our local Warehouse in Artarmon NSW. Contact our team to book in a collection date and time, and we'll be able to provide you further details.

When do I pay the balance?

As soon as your order is ready, one of our friendly team members will contact you with delivery information and to collect the outstanding balance. The balance must be finalise prior to delivery. You can finalise the balance by Card (Visa or Mastercard), Cash or Cheque - Some payments can take up to 3 business days to clear before continuing with delivery.

How do I find out the status on my delivery?

If you are yet to be contacted by our team with confirmation if your order is ready, please speak to our team and we can get an ETA update on your order. Otherwise, if you have already been informed that your order is ready and are awaiting further delivery information such as dates and time frames, our team will be able to assist you further. If you have any questions regarding delivery, we are just a phone call away!