How to Purchase

Because of the complexity of our custom made furniture range, it would be impracticle for customers to make purchases directly from our website.  With so many configurations and interchangeable elements, it is very likely that you would not end up with exactly what you had in mind and would most probably be frustrated with your purchase having never considered some of the things that make a custom made product better than an "as you see it"  product. 

As such our website is a starting point for you to make broad level decisions of what would fit comfortably into your home both in style and product architecture.  Once you have the basics sorted out and would like to get down to the nitty gritty, please call, email or drop into our store to discuss your purchase with one of our professional and intuitive sales people. 

Sales people...when I conjure up an image of this word, I think of a shonky person trying to trick me into buying something I don't really need, or adding upgrade features that are costly but also not really that important or necessary.  We dont like to think of ourselves as 'salesman'.  We pride ourselves in listening to your needs, helping you to make the right decision and the most cost beneficial decision. 

We wont try to trick you into getting the most expensive fabric because we want to increase our profit margin accordingly.  We won't try to push you into buying a bigger, larger and more expensive product just to meet our end of month figures.  We really do care about your ideas and your choices about the decor of your home.

We will however try to help you choose the best fabric combination for the colour scheme you have already.  We will also give you suggestions on ways to make your lounge or bedroom furniture "pop" and become a talking peice and do you know what, in many cases these ideas will not cost you a cent more than if you didnt go with them.

If we feel that the fabric combinations you have chosen will clash, we will also point this out to you so that you can perhaps go down a more appropriate path, but if you know what you want, we also promise not to change your ideals and will happily guide you down your colour path even if we dont always agree with your way of thinking.  Because this is Custom Made, and our motto is appropriately "YOUR LENGTH, YOUR WIDTH, YOUR DEPTH, YOUR WAY!  The most important of these being YOUR WAY...cos that is precisely what we are about.

In summary, to purchase a product from us simply....

  • Browse our product range
  • View product details
  • Check available customisation options
  • Contact us and we will guide you through your purchase


We trust you will love your shopping experience with us, if you don't..please tell us what you found difficult.

Your Strictly Comfort Staff