FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there is usually the need to ask a few questions before making a purchase.  Before calling our store, please browse through our frequently asked questions just in case someone else has asked the same thing before you.  If however our FAQs list does not answer your question(s), please feel free to contact us in store as we would be more than happy to assist you personally.

Where can I find your showroom?

Our store is located at 368 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090.  You can access our store via 73 Parraween Street (rear entrance) where you will find a reasonable amount of street parking.

Does Strictly Comfort have offer interest free terms?

Unfortunately, we are not large enough to offer interest free terms for our products at this point in time.  We are always trying to obtain this facility for our customers, so please check back later to see if we have been accepted to provide this facility.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment by cash (under $300 ONLY), Eftpos or credit card (Visa and MasterCard.)  We DO NOT accept AMEX (inconvenience regretted).

What payment methods do delivery drivers accept?

All of our delivery drivers are paid directly by Strictly Comfort.  If a delivery driver asks for any kind of payment from you, please contact the store immediately as this is not our usual way of conducting business, and this may or may not be acceptable by Strictly Comfort.  If payment directly to the driver is required, you will be so advised prior to the delivery taking place.

I'm not good at assembling furniture, can you help me?

Absolutely, we charge a very small fee for setting up goods on-site.  Please discuss this with your Strictly Comfort staff at the time of purchase.

I thought I could set up my own goods, but when I tried, it was too hard - what can I do?

First of all...don't panic, not everyone is good with this kind of thing.  Simply call the store and we will arrange to come out and set it up for you.  The normal setup costs will apply and we will need to charge you a small fee to come out to you...but we promise it will not be more than the expected cost of fuel and any tolls between you and us.

Should I consider measurements before going to the store to purchase?

Very Important: Incorrect measurements (especially entrance measurements) cause all kinds of grief at the time of delivery.  It is not only important to measure the space where your custom made goods are going to reside, its just as important if not more important to ascertain accurately HOW these goods will come into your home.  Strictly Comfort cannot be held responsible for goods that DO NOT fit into your home.  Whilst we take every care to ensure that you have made careful considerations to measurements etc, we cannot take into account every situation.  Please consider the size and weight of the objects that need to go into your home before you place your order with us.

How do I care for my furniture?

Because of our diverse product range, please discuss the care and maintenance of your products with your Strictly Comfort staff who will be able to give you the best and most up to date information on care and maintenance.

I have a warranty issue, who do I contact?

Different products in our product line carry different warranty periods and have different methods of resolving such issues.  If you have an issue that is warranty related, in the first instance simply contact our store and we will direct you in the most appropriate way to have your issue resolved.  Never feel that you will be left alone to resolve warranty issues.  We take great pride and responsibility for the products we sell.  We have chosen our suppliers very carefully based on their quality of workmanship and more importantly, their after sales service.

It will always be our main focus to attend to your warranty issues quickly and without any undue stress to you our customers.

NB. not all issues with goods are warranty related.  It is difficult to list what is and is not warranty related as each product has various issue however some scenario examples are given below to help you decide.  If the scenarios below do not elude you to whether your issue is or is not warranty related please contact the store for advice.

Scenario A: the stitching on my bedframe has come undone and the internal foam is exposed

(this IS warranty related as it is a fault in the manufacturing process)

Scenario B: whilst assembling my bedframe I accidently stripped the thread on a bolt and cannot get it on properly

(this is NOT warranty related, however if you contact the store, we can very likely provide you with a new bolt.  If we need to visit your home to remove the old bolt, some charges will apply) if the issue requires the replacement of larger parts to resolve this problem, then the cost of these parts will be the responsibility of the customer.

Scenario C: I received my ottoman and unpacked it myself.  I did not notice at first, however there is a hole in the fabric (not on a stitchline) and the foam is coming out through this hole.

(this is NOT warranty related.  We advise customers to allow our delivery people to unpack their goods and then look over them very carefully for issues before accepting the goods in your home and signing the "Delivered in Good Condition Docket", we can effect repair of this issue for you however it will come at your expense) 

Scenario D: I received my modular lounge and the delivery people unpacked it for me and set it up in my home.  During unpacking, we noticed a tear in the fabric (not on a stitchline) and the foam is coming out through this tear.

(this is still NOT warranty related, however as long as you have advised Strictly Comfort of this issue whilst the delivery people are still in your home, our suppliers will be so advised that this is not the fault of the customer and will effect repairs for you.  Under no circumstances should you sign the "Delivered in Good Condition Docket" until your goods are returned to you and error free, doing so will automatically transfer all responsibility to the customer.

Scenario E: my sofabed arrived and was checked carefully and appeared to have no issues.  When my guests slept on it for the first time, the timber slats bowed down badly and disconnected.  During this process, the mattress fabric was torn by exposed sharp items in the sofabed mechanism and is now unusuable due to exposed springs.

(this MAY be warranty related.  The manufacturer of the sofabed mechanism will be asked to visit your home and assess how the problem arose leading to the damage of the mattress).  If it is determined that their mechansim failed under normal usage, then it will be covered under warranty and both the mechanism and the mattress replaced.  If however it is determined that the customer was using the mechanism in a way that contradicts the normal usuage, then the mechanism and mattress will be replaced at the expense of the customer).

I have another question regarding my product / warranty that is not listed above?

No problem, simply contact our store during office hours and we will attend to any queries you may have.