Stunning sculptures made from compressed wood fibre and lacquered to absolute perfection.


Searching for a uniquely crafted centerpiece for your lounge room, dining room, bedroom or office? At Strictly Comfort we carry a wide range of distinctive sculptures and stunning homewares that will complement your home beautifully.

A contemporary sculpture can add a serious splash of colour to any room in your home, while more traditional styles can provide a finishing touch of sophistication. As a three-dimensional object, sculptures demand your attention and add a fresh element of design to any space.

What’s important to consider when purchasing a sculpture is its planned positioning inside your home. While some sculptures suit display pedestals, being able to incorporate your sculpture into the existing decor of your home ensures that it will add substance to any room without blocking a view or becoming obtrusive. Windowsills, bookcases, sideboards and mantles are all suitable places for sculptures, and appropriate pieces can add that finishing touch and an extra layer of depth to your home’s decor.

Sculptures at Strictly Comfort

At Strictly Comfort, we carry a range of unique, contemporary sculptures, bowls, vases and platters made from high quality materials including highly lacquered, compressed wood fibres and stainless steel. With a vast array of pieces, in a selection of outstanding finishes, shapes and colours, you’ll find the ideal stand-out piece to complement your home.

A unique approach to furniture design

At Strictly Comfort we pride ourselves on providing Australians with high quality, custom-made furniture solutions. From sofa beds to lounges, bed frames, bed heads and chairs, we create beautifully crafted furniture to meet the specific needs of every customer. We understand that when it comes to furniture for your home, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. That’s why we work tirelessly to build furniture that meets the specific needs of each and every Australian family.

If you’re looking for an outstanding piece of artwork for your walls, or if you’re searching for a three-dimensional sculpture to add a touch of sophistication to a certain room or space, Strictly Comfort has a range of award winning, inspirational pieces that you won’t find in most other outlets in Sydney. You can browse our online collection today or, ideally, drop into our Sydney showroom in Cremorne, just up from the Orpheum Theatre. If you have any questions about a particular piece you see on our website please phone us on (02) 9953 5312 or contact us via our online enquiry form to find out more.

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