Sleeping Solutions

Sleeping Solutions

After some form of commercial sleeping solution for your business? Peruse our hand picked range of commercial sleeping solutions. We can provide you with commercially practical products designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with high levels of traffic and usage. Whether its a mattress, bedhead or ensemble base we can custom manufacture to your exact specifications and personal tastes.
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Commercial Sleeping Solutions

Are you on the hunt for the right commercial bedding for your business? Sleeping solutions are integral to ensuring your guests enjoy a relaxed and positive experience during their stay. Whether it’s mattresses, bed heads, sofa beds, or ensemble bases, customised bedding is an important interior accent that adds a comforting touch to your rooms.

The right sleeping solutions should effortlessly create a welcoming vibe that not only complements existing décor but also exudes a confident invitation, attracting guests to relax and unwind. Your beds will also need to endure a high level of wear and tear, so it’s important to opt for quality materials that come with a warranty and manufacturer’s guarantee – both of which are offered by Strictly Comfort.

At Strictly Comfort, our comprehensive range of fully customisable commercial sleeping solutions will have something for every business. We have the expertise to create a collection of beds that will suit your style needs, no matter if you’re looking for everyday basics or unique variations. It’s our job to add value to your customer offering and help enhance your the experience of your customers.

The Commercial Sleeping Specialists

We understand how important high-quality and durable sleeping solutions are to a business. That’s why, at Strictly Comfort, we offer a sophisticated range of bedding with customisable options so we can create the perfect bed for your needs and clientele.

To upholster your bed head, you can choose from our range of commercially rated leathers, vinyls and fabrics from popular furnishing companies such as Warwick, Zepel, Wortley Group, Profile and more. We also employ stronger and more durable manufacturing methods on all of our commercial sleeping solutions to increase longevity and durability, so you can make the most of your purchase.

You can also adjust the length, width, height, arms, legs, or anything else that your commercial bedding needs. Why not mix fabrics or add piping to give each piece a sophisticated character? The options are endless when you choose a product from our fantastic range.

See what Strictly Comfort has to offer

Strictly Comfort is an Australian-owned business that aims to give you the best commercial sleeping options in the country. 90% of the products we sell come with a 10-year warranty, and all custom-made pieces come with a manufacturer’s guarantee because we believe in our products 100%.

If our bedding solutions sound like they could be right for your business, take a look through our complete range of commercial sleeping options online now. Find some examples of the look and style you’re after by searching our products for an idea of style, size and colours.

You can contact us today and a member of the Strictly Comfort team will provide you with free customisation advice so you can begin creating the perfect commercial sleeping solution for your business. Contact us via our online enquiry form to find out more about any of our designs. Alternatively, call us on (02) 9953 5312 or ideally, drop into our Sydney showroom in Cremorne, just up from the Orpheum Theatre.

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